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Narayan Seva Sansthan’ is a non-profit Charity Organization established in the year 1985 with a fistful of flour and with a view to serve the patients belonging to the physically and economically disadvantaged sections of the society through the free-of-cost corrective surgeries of patients suffering from polio and other congenital disabilities. The headquarters of the organization is at Udaipur city in the state of Rajasthan, India. The organization has hospitals with a capacity of 1100 beds, where patients from all over the country and world visit for their respective polio-related treatment and corrective surgeries. Till date, this Top Charitable NGO has successfully conducted more than 418750 free-of-cost polio corrective surgeries of several patients, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, etc.

The various free-of-cost service activities that are being executed on behalf of ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’ are as follows:–

1. Treatment of crippling polio-affected people through corrective surgeries and making them stand and walk on their own. We also undertake surgeries of patients suffering from other congenital disabilities. More than 417500 such patients have successfully undergone corrective surgeries.

2. Regular conduction of polio diagnostic, selection and corrective surgery camps. Many corrective surgery camps and diagnosis camp have been organized for selection & treatment of polio-affected people.

3. Rehabilitation of the poor, needy & differently-abled people by providing them vocational training which educates them in several computer-related disciplines, mobile repairing, sewing & tailoring clothes. Till date, more than 2200 people have been benefitted through this service.

4. Regular conduction of mass marriage ceremonies, twice a year, for young marriageable differently-abled and disadvantaged couples. Until now, a total of 2098 such pairs have been tied into wedding unions with the efforts of the organization. All these couples are leading a happy married life now.

5. Daily diagnosis of 300 to 400 patients and successful conduction of 80 to 90 corrective surgeries of patients suffering from polio and other congenital disabilities.

6. Distribution of helping aids viz. artificial limbs, crutches, calipers, tricycles, wheelchairs, hearing aids, blind sticks, sweater, clothes, school uniform, blankets, sewing machine, etc. among poor and the needy ones. More than 27456666 people have been benefitted with the same, and more are added to it daily.

7. Conduction of artificial limb workshops and physiotherapy centers in more than 30 cities across the country.

8. Regular distribution of school uniforms & stationery among underprivileged and needy students in remote tribal villages of Udaipur district.

9. Conduction of residential schools for deaf & dumb, blind & mentally retarded children.

10. Conduction of hostels for orphaned, tribal and rural children.

11. Conduction of ‘Narayan Children Academy (English Medium Digital School) for children belonging to backward & tribal regions

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