Quebec Increase in Job Vacancy Rate, achieves a top spot in Canada

Quebec has the topmost job vacancy rate (4.1 percent) in comparison to other Canadian provinces at, as per the Federation of Independent Business Canada. There were 120,800 vacancies on the finishing day of the first quarter of 2019. This was a major contributor in the 435,000 unfilled places.

The details of the situation

Additionally this vacancy rate is 0.8 percent beyond the national average, and also 0.5 percentages higher than other provinces. These figures depict the difficulty that the employers face to find staff in the province. Moreover, there are more vacancies – 174,800, in Ontario, but the greater population affects its vacancy rate keeping it 3.3 percent that is equivalent to the national average.

Job Vacancy Rate as per the Provinces in Q1 2019

ProvinceVacancy rateChangeUnfilled jobs
British Columbia3.6%+0.1%69,400
New Brunswick2.8%06,600
Nova Scotia2.3%-0.1%7,000
Newfoundland & Labrador1.9%+0.1%2,800

Tough time in finding workers

Ted Mallett, Vice-President, CFIB, stated that the national vacancy rate was progressively increasing in the last two years. Additionally, it reached a record in the last quarter.

The growth rate is slow in comparison to the same time last year. The Quebec employers as well as those belonging to BC and Ontario face a hard time in finding workers, particularly in the small businesses.

The industries facing a tough situation are construction, (4.9 percent vacancy rate), and personal services, (4.7 percent). Others industries with a vacancy rates beyond the national average are agriculture (3.8), hospitality (3.7), transportation (3.6) and professional services (3.6)

Moreover, the high vacancy rate in Quebec has come at the time when there is a record low unemployment.

Overhauling measures of the province

Simultaneously, there is no progress in the immigration system of skilled worker Quebec owing to the overhauling measures of the provincial government. The employers are clueless regarding their search for efficient staff. The province aims to overhaul system and integrate the newcomers in the society. Also, based on the Bill 9, Quebec has a plan to cancel existing immigration applications of skilled worker for transition to the revised system of Quebec Expression of Interest. It will operate in a way similar to the federal Express Entry.

Backlog of Quebec Skilled Workers

Number of pending applications18,00045,000+
How many working/studying in Quebec3,7009,250
Number of applications concluded monthly 20152,0005,000
Number of applications accepted monthly 201510002,500

The policy of the government

The governing Coalition Avenir Quebec is anxious for it to become law before the session ends on June 14th. The government in the province stopped the processing of files through tabling the Bill 9 in February.

Furthermore, an injunction on February 25 forced MIDI to process the applications.

The CAQ has a plan to increase immigration, commencing in 2020, after reducing the number of fresh arrivals by 20 percent in 2019. This corresponds to 40,000. The revised proposal opts for an incremental increase with a target of admitting 44,500 in 2020, followed by 47,500 in 2021, and finally 52,500 in 2022.

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