Cloud ERP | ERP for Trading

Konnect ERP professionals understands the complexity of the business process of trading industry based on that we have designed exclusive business suite for trading industry. The advantages of using the konnect ERP for trading are the effective supplier consignment management helps the traders to maximize profit and optimize cash flow, supplier portal integration allows companies to manage the  supplies effectively, customer portal allows to reach and manage the customers effectively, auto generation of purchase orders from sales orders greatly improves the backend team, POC terminal with  Multi-UOM pricing helps  in the OTC sales. Purchase trading ERP with konnect ERP to get benefits above mentioned features.

Konnect ERP provides manufacturing operation ERP software which is specially designed for the specific needs of the custom manufacturers working in machinery and equipment. Machinery ERP software is build for any small scale to medium scale machinery and components industry. The Manufacturer ERP software is an integrated application that collects and stores the information data from  different applications and departments. Konnect ERP do customisation in all machinery software based on the clients business requirements. The ERP software differ based on the customer process, production process, sales process and post sale relationships.

Konnect ERP is the best business management software that helps you to grow your business effectively. Konnect ERP provides exclusive ERP for manufacturing industry. We are India’s No.1 Leading manufacturing ERP solution providers, tailoring for more than a decade in manufacturing industry. Advantage of implementing Konnect ERP in the manufacturing industry  gives immediate and instant ROI.  Konnect ERP has various remarkable features that supports your business. The features are

  • Accounting Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Management
  • HR Management
  • Order Management
  • Project Management
  • Purchase order Management
  • Supply chain management
  • Tracking and visibility
  • Warehouse management

Konnect ERP is the best ERP software developing company in  India. Builds the ERP software that is applicable for small scale business. Konnect ERP has modules on sales, production, purchase, inventory, Quality control, Finance& Accounts.

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