Original Ships Search Light With Brass Ring & Steel Body for sale online

Original Ships Search Light With Brass Ring & Steel Body
H – 92 CM / 36 INCH
B – 51 CM / 20 INCH
L – 64 CM / 25 INCH
WEIGHT – 23.480 KG

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you can visit our website and order there or you can call us on 9833444921 to book an order with us.. we also offer various parts of ship parts which can be used for decorating your event place office or restaurant. we have also sold our products to elading restaurants to help them get their nautical decor. talking about ship search light with brass ring and steel body it is used in ship but you can also use it nautical decor.

we have recently posted this article have a look:

All the transportation system needs to have a proper lighting system especially those operating during the night too. In ships, the lighting system(Ship Lights) is important not just for operations but also in other works done inside the sailing vessels.

In this article, Marine Treasury has listed different types of lightings used on a ship along with their uses. These lights can also be used for different type of décor in your house and establishments for giving a majestic look.
These searchlights are used in the vessel Ships, Cargo Ship & Military Ships, which are mostly made up of Cast Aluminum, Stainless Steel and very rarely of Brass. If we talk about the visibility of this searchlight, it has the beam visibility of 28 to 35 miles (45 to 56 km) in clear low humidity though when it comes to the range it covers is more than 8,000 meters.

These extra large searchlights are also suitable for onshore security. This Xenon lamp is stuffed with pure xenon which discharges bow burns under extreme pressure reaching the highest luminous density among all lamps. The working life of the xenon lamps is considered to be very long.

Another speciality of this searchlight is the constant light colour, high portion of blue colour which creates nearly daylight spectrum. It reaches full luminous intensity after 45 seconds and immediate re-ignition without cooling period. The light(Ship Lights) can be angled directly wherever you want as it rotates on its stand.

Ship Lights: From Top to Bottom know which lights are install where and their specification

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