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In the current world, trading industry plays a predominant role in the global market. The expectation of customers has been high in the terms of business interactions and delivering of requirements, so the traders should adapt to a platform which reduces business risks, ensures fast workflow, and meet the requirements of the customers in due time. ODOO/OpenERP has rose to fame in the trading industry because of its compatibility in various verticals which meets the customer’s needs.

Benefits by implementing ODOO ERP for trading industry

In trading industry, management of employees is a critical task to handle. Through ODOO ERP, crucial processes like: tracking the working hours of employees, payroll, timesheet maintenance, etc., are easily managed.

This ODOO for trading module helps in the challenges of handling customers. It assists the shoppers to engage efficiently and ensure better flow in sales funnel. ODOO ERP has made the possibility of offering advance pricing with discount management features, and automate the creation of sales and purchase price lists.

In the customized ODOO app the problems of maintaining stock input, output or transformation are solved by double-entry inventory system.

In ODOO ERP assets can be managed in the account asset module. In this module information about your assets, like: depreciation amount, date of purchase of the asset, purchase value of the asset, supplier of the asset, etc., can be stored.

Benefits of Point of Sale (POS)

In trading industry the Point of Sale (POS) plays a predominant role and impacts the important aspects in the business, like: customer engagement, sales rate, easy check-out for customers, and business operation, etc.

With ODOO web interface which is specifically designed for the modern trading industries, check out process is made easy and fast transactions are ensured.

Through this ODOO module, acquiring of information about a huge list of products are made simple with customized filters.

The customized Point of Sale ODOO app is fully integrated with the accounting and inventory of the company, which enables to view real-time statistics of the operations.

This ODOO for trading module helps in handling multiple orders at a time. Selection of multiple product types which are to be sold are done with a single click.

In ODOO ERP, for ensuring customer satisfaction, business engagement, and smooth flow of work in the check-out process, multiple payment methods are available for the customers.

Since this ODOO module is connected on a remote server it works even if connection is interrupted/offline.

This ODOO app is customized to be responsive in any type of device. Be it on a desktop, mobile, tablet or any, the process is never different to handle.

With this ODOO module features such as: fixed asset management, commission & campaign management, VAT management, handling of gift voucher, cash, card, etc., are easy to process.

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